Digital Marketing

An opportunity to be a part of the E-media team to run campaigns to take Inner Engineering to the world through social media and other digital platforms.

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Coordinate and strategize multichannel campaigns for marketing for various products and offerings. Overseeing all aspects of the campaigns from design to content to marketing to technical development. Know More

Help take Sadhguru and his offerings to audience across India using paid advertising. Know More

Create and evolve product vision based on the users’ feedback, pain points, and outcomes. Validate concepts, and content, designs and prototypes with stakeholders to ensure our products deliver high value to the users. Know More

Drive all marketing activities required for the success of Isha events & offerings. Devise growth plans & strategies to achieve the same. Ensure optimum allocation of resources & budget for each campaign. Know More

Coordinating with campaign managers and product owners to plan and strategize for multichannel campaigns. Overseeing all aspects of the campaigns from design to content to marketing to technical development. Know More

Social Media coordination, SM platform management, experience in working with Twitter/reel-based Indian platforms. Know More

Craft Marketing Briefs in line with the product / brand / event goals. Understand the target market, audience segments and category to formulate marketing strategies / approach. Know More

Manage day-to-day email activities - Campaign creation, reporting on email metrics, etc. Create automations and user journeys. Assist in management of the growth and maintenance of the email database – including new sign-ups and opt-outs. Help teams to get on boarded and approve their campaigns. Know More

Identify relevant content ideas out of current affairs, topical days, controversies, music/content trends. Keep abreast with the latest development in technology, especially in social media platforms. Connect with Influencers and find opportunities for collaboration. Enhance Sadhguru's reach through a strategic partnership with influencers. Know More

Enhancing SM engagement through static creatives/event coverages. Creating a strong volunteering engagement team across the globe. Know More

Develop conversion funnels to promote Isha offerings. Devise a strategy to continuously monitor and improve conversion metrics. Work with SEO team to increase search ranking of the website to drive more traffic. Know More

Create a structure for SEO and churn out articles across all languages. Find and coordinate volunteer teams, train them and coordinate with them to enhance Sadhguru's footprint through blogs across languages. Know More

Interact with business process owners to define the requirements and provide effective solution for customer facing websites. Know More

Updating/building web analytics infrastructure, Supporting and enhancing marketing activity. Know More

Prepare and Execute the content calendar for each platform, Ensure high quality of content in the posts. Know More

Act as the overall responsible for the growth of the platforms. Come up with clear content briefs for content creation, create thumbnails, coordinate with platform representatives/partner managers. Know More

Plan the content Calendar for Sadhguru Tamil Social media channels. Research Tamil content from archives. Research and Analyze Social Media Trends and Best practices and implement them. Know More

Handle Facebook/ YouTube/ Instagram channels. Schedule posts (regular videos, campaigns, engagements). Review the numbers regularly and understand what content viewers are interested in. Based on the numbers, planning a content calendar with posts that will travel far and reach maximum viewers. Know More