Email Marketing Specialist

Job Responsibilities :

  • Manage day-to-day email activities, including creating and executing email campaigns, reporting on email metrics, and creating quotes.

  • Develop and implement automations and user journeys that optimize email engagement and conversion.

  • Assist in managing the growth and maintenance of the email database, including overseeing new sign-ups and opt-outs and supporting team members in getting campaigns approved.

  • Test new email functionalities developed by IT, ensuring quality assurance and successful deployment.

  • Contribute to copywriting and editing of email content, ensuring quality and consistency in all communications.

  • Possess strong attention to detail and ability to perform routine tasks effectively.

  • Collaborate effectively with team members and stakeholders across the organization, as internal coordination is critical to success in this role.

  • Bring a minimum of 3 years of prior experience working in a corporate environment to the position.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Excel / Google Spreadsheets and word processing tools, as proficiency in these technologies is critical to success in the role.

Educational Qualification : Not Specific

Skill Competencies : 

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

  • Knowledge of digital marketing

  • Experience in Content writing

  • Documentation skills

  • Experience working with Excel / Google Spreadsheets, Word processing.

Experience : 3 years

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