Marketing Automation Specialist

Purpose of the Job

The ideal candidate should have good experience in Channel Campaign manager - Complete understanding of CRM coupled with ability to strategize and launch successful Drip campaigns by employing effective engagement methods to optimize cost and maximize returns.


Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with campaign managers and product owners to plan and strategize for multichannel campaigns.

  • Overseeing all aspects of the campaigns from design to content to marketing to technical development.

  • Identifying best practices and scheduling campaigns based on effective campaign timing.

  • Extract the relevant data ( subset of data ) from CRM as per marketing requirements.

  • Coordinate with third parties like Facebook/Yellow Team for setting up WhatsApp templates.

  • Set up Drip campaigns across platforms by employing effective engagement methods to optimize cost and maximize returns.

  • Coordinate with IT for any troubleshooting or new requirements.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) any enhancements or new requirements built by IT.

  • Creation of reports on the metrics tracked for each channel for all stakeholders.

  • Analyze data from the campaign in order to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to better optimize future email marketing campaigns

Educational Qualification : Bachelor Degree

Skill Competencies : 

  • Up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies for all platforms - Email, WhatsApp and Apps that drive organic traffic.

  • Minimum 2 years of industry experience as Channel Campaign Manager or similar role.

  • Excellent understanding of CRM systems.

  • Ability to strategize and launch successful various types of campaigns - Promotional ( Awareness, Registrations ), Surveys, Program campaigns, Post Program campaigns.

  • Possessing experience reporting and analyzing data.

  • Good knowledge of basic collaborative tools like using Google Sheets, Google docs , Google Slides etc.

  • Identifying requirements for IT on new features/enhancements to the existing tools.

  • Knowledge of Google Analytics will be an added advantage.

  • Ability and willingness to work with tight deadlines and adapt quickly to changing priorities and requirements.

  • Attention to detail and multi tasking skills.

  • Excellent time-management, interpersonal and verbal & written communication skills.

Experience : 0 ~ 3 years

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