Web Analytics Specialist

Job Responsibilities :

  • Updating/building web analytics infrastructure

    • Conduct extensive audit of current tagging and analytics set up, existing tracking capabilities and all other relevant aspects of web analytics

    • Implement new infrastructure using Google’s web analytics suite 

    • Lead regular tagging audits, providing best practices, and trouble-shooting to ensure accuracy 

  • Supporting and enhancing marketing activity

    • Implement server side tracking / ecommerce tracking or alternatives

    • Design and implement marketing and other activity tracking standards (UTM, etc.) to ensure all campaigns are accurately tracked to generate accurate reports 

    • Work closely with the Marketing team to optimize landing pages for better conversions through iterative testing (A/B, multivariate, etc.) 

  • Reporting, testing and insights

    • Based on requirements of teams across the organization, develop automated and easy-to-use reports

    • Conduct ad-hoc analysis and reporting for internal clients as requested

    • Exploratory analysis on attribution models

    • Where needed provide training, advice and documentation on how best to access and understand web analytics data

Skill Competencies : 

  • Experience using Google analytics Suite primarily Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Optimize

  • Experience doing GTM server side tracking is a plus

  • Experience implementing GA4 is a plus

  • Has an in-depth understanding of web analytics and very strong, demonstrable experience in web analytics infrastructure

  • Has experience using various analytics and heatmap tools to understand user behavior and come up with hypothesis to run experiments for conversion rate optimization

  • Analytical thinking capability

  • Advanced Excel Skills & SQL experience is a plus

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