Platform Owner - LinkedIn  and Pinterest

Job Responsibilities :

  • Create high-quality thumbnails for all posts, ensuring that they are visually appealing and aligned with the organization's brand and messaging.

  • Coordinate effectively with platform representatives and partner managers to ensure optimal platform performance and to identify opportunities for growth and engagement.

  • Take overall responsibility for the growth and success of the platforms, setting targets, developing action plans, and tracking performance regularly.

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive content calendar for each platform, ensuring that all posts are aligned with the organization's goals and messaging and are of high quality.

  • Ensure the high quality of all content posted on the platforms, following best practices guidelines and leveraging insights from analytics and post-performance metrics to inform ongoing optimization.

  • Post regularly on all platforms, maintaining a consistent presence and engagement with the audience.

  • Track analytics regularly and generate reports to communicate platform performance to key stakeholders, using data-driven insights to inform ongoing optimization and improvement.

  • Develop insights on post performance over time, identifying trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

  • Coordinate effectively with other teams, such as creatives and communications, to ensure alignment and integration of messaging and activities.

  • Respond to comments on posts and maintain the hygiene of the organization's brand and image.

  • Proactively build and maintain a network of pro-Isha and like-minded social media influencers, coordinating with core volunteers and digital veeras to enhance dissemination and reach.

  • Stay up-to-date with trends and changes in social media platforms and review the strategy as needed, ensuring ongoing alignment with the organization's goals and messaging.

Educational Qualification :  Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A)

Skill Competencies :

  • Excellent maths/reporting skills, content creation, basic graphic designing, and video editing

  • Social media skills

  • Excellent understanding of LinkedIn and Pinterest

  • Social media skills, MS Office, Photoshop

  • Ability to find best practices of the platforms

  • Ability to create monthly content calendars

  • Ability to come up with clear content briefs for content creation

  • Social Media savvy, exposure to creating platform specific social media content, Internet research skills

  • Experience in handling social media platforms and marketing (preferred)

  • Ability to do Analytics, Generate reports, Online networking skills

Experience : 4 years

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