Inner Engineering 

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Be a part of Sadhguru 's vision to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every individual

   If we want humanity to enjoy the fruits of science and technology rather than use them to destroy ourselves and the entire planet, the most important thing right now is to raise Human Consciousness .

~ Sadhguru

Opportunities  Available 

Technology and Product

Be a part of a team to help build and manage the tools to offer Inner Engineering online.

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Digital Marketing

Contribute towards taking the offering of Inner Engineering to the world using social media and other digital platforms.

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Content Creation and Management

Contribute towards designing and editing content including creatives, graphics, illustrations and much more.

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Program Coordination

Be a part of coordinating and managing various aspects of delivering an Inner Engineering program.

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"Having huge concerns about the society that I live in, I am able to contribute to all forms of Isha's social initiatives through my activity which gives me a sense of satisfaction. I salute everyone who made this healthy work environment possible."

 Sivabalan, IT

"Isha is not about just getting the work done from you, it is where one is valued for just being human. With great pride and a sense of satisfaction, I say that there is no need for work and life balance here, it is just life and life always. I can’t ask for more!"

Gayathri Ravikumar, IT