Streaming Engineer

Purpose of Job: 

Initiating, working, transcoding, monitoring and Controlling Isha's live stream event.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Initiating, working, transcoding, monitoring and Controlling live stream events.

  • Knowledge of streaming media protocols : HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), DASH, RTMP, RTSP,etc

  • Working knowledge of media codecs, formats, transports and container protocols, such as
    MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, AAC, AC3, MP4, TS, Webrtc etc

  • Knowledge of common network architectures (routers/switches/proxies, etc) and protocols
    (HTTP, etc)

  • Working Knowledge on media Streaming servers like Red5, Wowza, or equivalent

  • Working Knowledge on Cloud Technologies like S3 NetStorage, Cloudfront etc

  • Working Knowledge on Video Transcoding using tools like FFmpeg, Elemental etc.

  • Thorough understanding of how live streaming works and familiarity with streaming protocols, such as RTMP, and encoding/transcoding.

  • Working with IT staff on the maintenance of the webcast control room. Work with IT to
    install and maintain production and post-production hardware and software as required.

  • Stay current with webcasting technologies. Test regular improvements in the digital media
    production environment.

  • Actively participate in the production of live webcasts, following established processes and checklists. Take responsibility for the quality of the final product following approved
    procedures, keeping records, actively solving problems, documenting solutions, and
    improving procedures.

  • Follows defined checklists for event preparation, including but not limited to: confirming
    video signal acquisition, ensuring live events are posted on the website, setting up
    equipment (encoders and production software), and providing basic webcast technical
    support, which may include diagnosing and troubleshooting web browsers, bandwidth, and
    other internet-related issues for end consumers

Educational Qualification : Graduate

Skill Competencies : 

  • Graduate with 5-10 years’ experience in Media Industry

  • Experience in live internet video production and delivery.

  • Knowledge of current webcast and social media technology.

  • An understanding of the dynamics and pressures of live programming, including the need
    adherence to set procedures, flexible work hours as necessary to accommodate global
    webcast events, quick thinking and calm problem solving, and a desire to produce a
    consistent internet video service of the highest quality.

  • Strong Internet and Web technical skills.


Experience : 0 ~ 3 years

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