Participant Support - Email, Chat Specialist

Job Responsibilities :

  • Manage communication with participants and help answer queries, email, chat and make follow up calls when required. 

  • Make a continual effort to respond to customers as quickly as possible, they must listen carefully to the participants’ question or complaint before following protocol in order to resolve the issue or answer the question. 

  • Provide an end to end solution for participants by engaging proficiently with multiple teams. 

  • Prioritize queries/complaints to provide right information by identifying and engaging escalations based on relevance. 

  • In addition to providing real-time support, applicant must thoroughly document each question or problem as well as the resulting answer or solution. -

  • In order to help participants as effectively as possible, applicant must make an effort to remain up to date on all Isha Offerings. - 

  • Communication specialist is often the first person that a participant will speak with, so the applicant is likely to be alerted of website errors and other technical problems. If there are multiple queries about the same issue, the applicant must report the issue to the concerned department in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Educational Qualification : Basic degree / diploma or equivalent

Skill Competencies : 

  • Proficient in relevant computer applications 

  • Required language proficiency – English 

  • Prior experience in customer service / email support will be preferred. 

  • Self-motivated, team player, focused, have an eye for detail, great organization skills and enjoy working with a small, but flexible team.

Experience :~ 2 years

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