Network Engineer

Job Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for handling all locations firewall policies, tunnels

  • VPN provisioning for archives and other users

  • Layer 3 switching

    • Handling and creating an Access control list

    • Creating new VLANs and DHCP scopes

  • Layer 2 switching

    • 802.1x configuration for the user authentication and mac authentication

    • Trunking VLANs in location and provisioning the IP to users based on department

  • Wi-Fi Access Points (Aruba & Meraki)

    • Handling wireless Devices for User Requirement

    • Handling new devices in Meraki dashboard

    • Creating SSID and managing the SSID to be visible only in requested location

  • NAC - Clear pass

    • Handling Policy manager for the new configuration

    • Handling Guest Manager for new events

    • End to End Troubleshooting

  • Security Operations

    • Coordinating with cybersecurity team to resolve IT security related issues

  • Fortianalyzer

    • Responsible for generating daily/weekly/monthly network reports based on the requirement.

  • Monitoring Tools

    • Handling cacti for network device alert configurations.

Educational Qualification : BE., BTech, MSc CSC, BSc CSC, Diploma CSC/ECE

Skill Competencies : 

  • Proficient in documentation of the process workflow

  • Knowledge of application and IT systems at all layers like middleware, operating systems,
    databases, servers, networks, and virtualization technologies

  • Strong understanding of business objectives, drivers and principles, and how they relate to
    technology solutions.

  • Preferred Cisco and Fortigate Certified


Experience : 5-6 Years’ Experience in handling Switching, Routing and Wifi Devices

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