Accounts Support

Purpose of the Job :

  • To handle all the event/program accounts related activities
  • SPOC between user departments and finance

Job Responsibilities :

  • SPOC between user departments/Isha Regions and ashram foundation finance/Project finance to handle the Program/Event/Project accounts
  • Receiving and verification of all invoices/bills
  • He/she must verify the supporting documents thoroughly in respect of date, amount, nature of transactions in order to the payment requests into vouchers;
  •  Generating appropriate documentation for review from the accounting system.
  • He/she must have the thorough knowledge of accounting methodologies/systems and budget control. 

Skill Competencies : 

  • Basic knowledge in accounts
  • Good communication skills. Basic knowledge of MS Office and Google apps like sheets, doc, etc.
  • Dependable with a respect to confidentiality and policies
  • Easy grasping capacity

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